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Four style tips to elevate your personal fashion sense


When you encounter your wardrobe every day and find yourself repeatedly wearing the same outfits, it can be challenging to discover fresh ways to utilize your existing items and elevate your overall wardrobe.

By implementing a few straightforward modifications in how you style your outfits and approach shopping for specific pieces, you can greatly enhance your personal style.

Below are five practical tips that you can immediately apply to your current wardrobe and consider for future decision-making during your shopping experiences.

Tailor your clothing to complement your unique proportions Style

Ideally, it’s preferable to avoid alterations as they involve additional costs and require your time and effort. Instead, it’s more favorable to find a better-fitting item in another store or brand.

However, there are instances when a simple alteration can transform an already great item into a perfect one that feels tailor-made for you. I would recommend alterations only if the item is impeccable in all other aspects, serves a clear purpose in your wardrobe, and will remain a staple in your outfits for years to come.

It’s worth considering getting the hemline of pants or sleeves of a blazer shortened if they are perfect in every other way and you truly love them. These alterations are common, typically quick, and reasonably priced.

Fortunately, there are various ways to adjust your clothing to suit your proportions without requiring a trip to the tailor. Here are some examples.


For a stylish and casual look when wearing jeans, consider cuffing the hem twice, with each cuff measuring around 1cm. This technique effectively shortens the hemline and pairs well with sandals, espadrilles, or sneakers. It can also be applied when wearing ankle boots. By cuffing your jeans in this manner, you’ll achieve a clean and neat appearance, with the jeans meeting at the top of your ankle boot, eliminating the need for messy tucking.


Create a relaxed and intentional look by rolling your sleeves up to the elbow. This effortless gathering of the fabric adds a stylish detail to your outfit. If the sleeves have trouble staying rolled up, you can opt to cuff them at the wrist instead. Rolling the sleeves two or three times is sufficient. This simple adjustment transforms your jackets into versatile transeasonal pieces, perfect for the in-between weather. Additionally, temporarily shortening the sleeve length gives your ensemble a trendy and intentional vibe. An added benefit is that you can easily return the sleeves to their usual length when you want to layer a long sleeve top underneath.


Achieve an effortlessly styled look by tucking your top into your mid to high rise bottoms. One popular method is the French tuck, where you tuck the front of your top and let the sides and back hang out loosely if you’re wearing pants. When tucking your top into a skirt, lightly blouse style it over by leaving about a thumb’s width of excess fabric.If you prefer not to tuck your tops, an alternative is to neatly tie a knot at the front. This works especially well with button-up shirts. Unbutton the last few buttons style, allowing you to tie the top instead of fully buttoning it. This knot detail adds a stylish touch to your outfit.

Choose a color that resonates with your personal style and aligns with your daily activities

style: Four fashion tips to elevate your personality

Certain colors have the ability to instantly refresh and invigorate us, making us appear well-rested and focused. These colors have a way of accentuating the brightness of our eyes, enhancing our eye color, and brightening our complexion, effectively minimizing the appearance of dark circles or pigmentation. Whenever you feel a bit low or lacking energy, wearing these colors can help uplift your mood.

Additionally, when planning your outfit for the day, consider the activities you have scheduled. Opt for a color that represents those plans. For instance, if you’re embarking on a day filled with outdoor activities like a bike ride followed by breakfast at a local café, your choice of colors and clothing will differ significantly from what you would wear for a busy Tuesday in the office, packed with meetings involving internal colleagues and external stakeholders.

Trade in your casual cardigans for laid-back jackets Style

When running errands or going to the park, cardigans serve their purpose, but they often show signs of wear quickly and lack structure, giving off an unpolished look. Opt for cardigans that have shaping around the neckline, waistline, or in the arms, and consider ones with interesting colors or textures.

Instead, consider wearing relaxed-fitting, lightweight jackets as an alternative. They still provide an extra layer, allowing for ease of movement style, offering coverage to keep you warm, and are lightweight, avoiding any feelings of heaviness often associated with cardigans.

For a casual look, a denim jacket is an excellent substitute for a cardigan style. It can be effortlessly paired with dresses, skirts, or jeans and t-shirts, provided you choose one that suits your proportions and lifestyle. Look for denim jackets that offer stretch in the fabric, as they are no longer rigid or restrictive.

If you prefer the option of rolling up a cardigan and stashing it in your stylebag, search for one with texture, such as a ribbed fabric. This will help the cardigan maintain its shape when taken out of the bag, conceal minor fabric pulls, and minimize signs of wear.

Simplify your shoe collection by opting for neutral colors

Investing in high-quality, comfortable shoes can be costly, so it’s important to make the most of your investment. By curating a collection of shoes in neutral colors, you can own fewer pairs while still having the versatility to mix and match them with a variety of outfits.

Neutral-colored shoes, such as white sneakers, black boots, and flats or heels in black, tan, or beige, serve as essential colors that complement numerous prints, textures, and colors found in many wardrobes.

When selecting shoes, consider your lifestyle. If you frequently walk to work, heels may not be necessary, but a comfortable pair of boots would be ideal, especially for rainy days. Similarly, if you work in a corporate environment, white sneakers may not be suitable, but if your workplace follows a smart casual dress code, white sneakers can effortlessly blend into your work wardrobe.

By choosing neutral-colored shoes that align with your lifestyle and wardrobe needs, you can create a versatile shoe collection that maximizes your outfit options while ensuring comfort and practicality.

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