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Fifteen lives lost and fifty injured as Hazara Express carriages derail close to Nawabshah.

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According to local authorities, Nawabshah train mishap injuries a state of emergency has been declared in nearby hospitals in the aftermath of the incident. Reported by Afzal Nadeem Dogar, Anwar Shaikh, Kamran Razi, and Yasir Farooqi on August 06, 2023.

NAWABSHAH: A minimum of 15 individuals have lost their lives, while 50 others have sustained injuries as a result of the derailment of ten carriages of the Hazara Express train on Sunday. The incident occurred between Shahzadpur and Nawabshah, a distance of approximately 275 kilometers from Karachi, according to officials.

Tragic Train Derailment Near Nawabshah Claims Lives and Halts Rail Operations

A train with a composition of 17 carriages, accommodating 950 passengers. In economy class and 72 in the air-conditioned standard coach. Was en route from Karachi to Havelian when a devastating incident occurred. This incident has led to the suspension of domestic train operations originating from Karachi. Concurrently, the Green Line train heading towards Karachi has been brought to a halt at Nawabshah railway station.

Those affected by the derailment were swiftly transported to the People’s Medical Hospital in Nawabshah. With concerns of further injuries lingering. As officials have not yet determined the cause behind this tragic derailment.

Nawabshah train mishap injuries Sanghar’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) reported that a considerable number of passengers remain trapped under the overturned train. The process of extricating the deceased and injured individuals necessitates the careful disassembly of the derailed carriages.

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The district of Sanghar bore witness to this grievous train accident, as verified by the Sanghar SSP. The ongoing rescue operation involves the dedicated efforts of ten Station House Officers, four District Superintendents of Police. And a contingent of over 100 police personnel.

Furthermore, a substantial contingent of police personnel from the Police Training Center is also on-site to assist with the relief efforts.

Rangers Mobilized for Urgent Rescue Operations Following Train Derailment

Rangers sources have informed Geo News that personnel from the rangers’ force have been swiftly dispatched for rescue operations. Responding to directives issued by the Director General Rangers Sindh, Major General Azhar Waqas.

The sources emphasized that highly trained personnel have been dispatched to the accident site to promptly engage in rescue efforts. Their immediate focus is on transferring the injured individuals to medical facilities for treatment.

Upon arrival at the scene, ambulances are also providing essential medical assistance and nourishment to the rescued passengers.

Railway authorities have projected a potential timeframe of up to 18 hours for the restoration of operations. Along with the substantial task of recovering and repairing the tracks. This recovery process entails the meticulous removal of the derailed carriages.

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Mahmoodur Rahman, the Railways Divisional Superintendent, noted that comprehensive details are currently being gathered regarding the incident.

Rescue endeavors led by the police are actively underway to extract passengers from the affected carriages. In response to the accident, local administration has invoked a state of emergency in nearby hospitals.

The initial report from the Divisional Superintendent confirmed that approximately 7 to 8 carriages have derailed and overturned.

The initial report from the Divisional Superintendent confirmed that approximately 7 to 8 carriages have derailed and overturned.

Authorities Notified as Federal Minister Reacts to Train Derailment

Federal Minister for Railways and Aviation, Khawaja Saad Rafique, addressed the unfortunate incident during a press conference. Stating that he is in the process of gathering information.

“Alerts issued to the relevant authorities. The railway secretary is currently on-site in Nawabshah,” the federal minister added.

This same locomotive, en route from Karachi to Havelian, narrowly escaped a serious accident in March of this year. When railway officials placed a rusted train onto the tracks. Tragic train accidents are regrettably not infrequent in Pakistan. As multiple instances have resulted in the loss of countless lives and injuries to numerous individuals. Despite these repeated incidents, adequate measures to prevent such occurrences are often lacking.Remarkably, this most recent incident occurred just a day after three coaches of the Allama Iqbal Express. Pakistan’s track record in terms of train accidents is disheartening. Over the past decade, the nation has experienced numerous catastrophic train accidents. And the frequency of such incidents appears to have risen in recent years

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