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Kai Cenat: Law enforcement intends to press charges against the Twitch streamer following chaos during a PS5 giveaway event.

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Charges Expected for US YouTuber Kai Cenat After Chaotic PS5 Giveaway Event in New York

Police are preparing to file charges against Kai Cenat, a US YouTuber, in the aftermath of an organized video game console giveaway that led to chaos in New York’s Union Square.

A multitude of individuals stormed through Union Square, driven by the prospect of obtaining free PlayStation 5 consoles, resulting in the flinging of bottles, rocks, and cans of paint.

Mr. Cenat may potentially face numerous charges, including incitement of a riot and unlawful assembly.

Law enforcement authorities report over 60 arrests made in connection with the incident.

Crowds initially assembled around 1:00 PM local time (5:00 PM GMT) subsequent to a social media announcement by Mr. Cenat, who boasts over 10 million followers and subscribers. He had declared his intention to distribute 300 PlayStations.

By 3:00 PM, the number had swelled into the hundreds, congregating around the vicinity of one of New York’s bustling train terminals.

Individuals scaled vehicles and even the roof of the train station’s entrance, proceeding to hurl bottles in the direction of police officers who were responding to the situation.

Massive Police Response as New York Reacts to “Level Four” Mobilization

The New York Police Department sprang into action, initiating a “level four” mobilization, an operational scale that called upon approximately 1,000 officers to be deployed to the unfolding scene.

In the midst of the tumultuous events transpiring near Union Square, Mr. Cenat conducted a livestream from within a vehicle. He reported, “They’re deploying tear gas out there. We won’t take any action until it’s safe. It’s every person for themselves, because it’s a battle out there, my friend.”

Mr. Cenat found himself in police custody around 5:00 PM. About an hour later, the gathering was eventually dispersed.

A CBS affiliate has revealed that Mr. Cenat did not possess the necessary permit for the event. Which was purportedly a joint endeavor with Fanum, a YouTube luminary from the Bronx.

Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey of the NYPD remarked. “While we’ve faced similar situations in the past, we’ve never encountered this level of peril. Where young individuals chose to disregard our instructions.”

He further stated, “People were seen brandishing shovels, axes, and various implements from the construction industry. Furthermore, fireworks were being ignited, directed both at law enforcement and among the crowd themselves.”

Notable Achievement: Mr. Cenat Sets Twitch Subscriber Record

In March, Mr. Cenat garnered significant attention. When he shattered the record for amassing the highest number of Twitch subscribers, reaching an impressive 300,000.

Twitch, a platform primarily used for livestreaming, often features individuals engaging in video games while conversing with their audience.

In the lead-up to achieving this milestone, Mr. Cenat initiated a continuous effort to enhance his subscriber count. This exhaustive endeavor encompassed a comprehensive 30-day on-camera presence, involving interactions, gaming sessions, guest interviews, and even sleeping.

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