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Misbah, Inzamam, and Hafeez Named to PCB Cricket Technical Committee


Anticipated to make a determination regarding the future of Pakistan’s coaching staff. The cricket technical committee of PCB cricket committee is set to take action.

Renowned Cricket Figures Form PCB Technical Committee

Misbah-ul-Haq has been appointed to head the technical committee, which will provide advisory insights to the PCB chairman regarding cricket-related matters. PCB cricket committee will also feature the presence of two other former Pakistan cricket captains, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Mohammad Hafeez.

In a significant development, PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf disclosed the establishment of a “high-profile” technical committee last week. This committee, with Misbah at the helm, will have the responsibility of presenting reports to the chairman, emphasizing their vast cricketing expertise.

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Cricket Technical Committee Empowered with Extensive Authority

The newly established Cricket Technical Committee (CTC) has been vested with comprehensive authority. Encompassing virtually all aspects of cricketing operations within Pakistan. A statement issued by the PCB clarifies the role of the CTC. Emphasizing that it will offer recommendations concerning a wide range of cricket-related matters. These matters include, but are not limited to, the overhaul of the domestic structure, establishment of schedules. Formulation of playing conditions, appointment of national selection committees, selection of national team coaches, both central and domestic contracts. And strategies for enhancing the skills of umpires, referees, and curators. Additionally, the CTC holds the power to invite additional cricket experts as needed and will be providing regular reports. To the head of the PCB Management Committee.

The immediate and pressing task before the committee involves deciding the future course for Pakistan’s coaching staff. In a recent interview, Chairman Zaka Ashraf mentioned that the CTC.

They would share their insights with him before reaching a final verdict.

Which ESPNcricinfo sources indicate might materialize by the close of this week.

Distinguished Trio Joins CTC to Elevate Pakistan’s Cricket

The Cricket Technical Committee (CTC) will assume the responsibility of gearing up for the upcoming. Moreover, Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, scheduled to commence next month. This season will witness a transformation in the domestic structure, with departments making a return to the fold. However, whether they will compete alongside regions in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy remains uncertain.

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PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf expressed his enthusiasm. Extending a warm welcome to Misbah-ul-Haq, Inzamam-ul-Haq, and Mohammad Hafeez as valuable additions to enhance cricket in the country. Ashraf emphasized the trio’s wealth of cricketing knowledge and their grasp of the contemporary demands of the sport.

The domestic cricket structure stands as a fundamental cornerstone for any cricketing nation’s progress. The objective is to fortify this foundation and shape its progression. With Misbah, Inzamam, and Hafeez on board – three of Pakistan’s most seasoned and decorated cricketers. Who have risen through the ranks of domestic cricket. The stage is set to provide our players with an optimal platform for growth. This collective effort aims to nurture a system that fosters excellence. Producing exceptional cricketers who can contribute significantly to Pakistan’s cricketing prowess.

Misbah Embraces New Role with Honor and Purpose

Describing his appointment as the head of the committee. Misbah expressed profound honor and acknowledged the challenging nature of the task at hand. He holds unwavering confidence that the recommendations they provide will yield a positive transformation. Elevating and refining the state of cricket from its grassroots all the way to the pinnacle.

The committee’s assembly coincides with Pakistan’s preparations leading up to the World Cup scheduled in India this October. In the upcoming month of August, Pakistan is scheduled to participate in a three-match series. ODI series against Afghanistan in Sri Lanka. Followed by the commencement of the ODI Asia Cup on August 30. The tournament’s opening match in Multan will see Nepal facing off against Pakistan.

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