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Natasha Lyonne, Icon of Poker Face, Unveils Her Definitive Fashion Mantra

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Old Navy’s Fall Campaign Sees Collaboration with Natasha Lyonne

Comfort and Authenticity: Natasha Lyonne’s Fashion Mantra Unveiled

In a conversation with PEOPLE, Natasha Lyonne, known for her role in Poker Face and now a prominent figure in Old Navy’s latest fall campaign, shared her fashion philosophy. She emphasized, “The aspect I value the most in an outfit is the ability to move freely in my shoes. It’s disheartening to witness people at award shows spending the entire evening lamenting about their attire or footwear. I’ve decided not to engage in that cycle any longer.

Natasha Lyonne Rocks Old Navy Styles: A Fashion Journey of Confidence

I’m too seasoned,” commented the 44-year-old actress.

In a captivating portrayal, Natasha Lyonne showcases Old Navy’s signature pixie pants in two distinct contexts: one as a confident “boss lady” and the other as someone “heading to a concert.”

However, despite the compliment, the American Pie star admitted to feeling reserved about accepting praise, a sentiment she acknowledges also extends to her real-life experiences.

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“I believe I’m improving, though. I sense a natural inclination in me to resort to self-deprecation immediately, and I’m actively striving to embrace compliments and keep things straightforward,” Natasha revealed in her conversation with the outlet.

She continued, sharing, “It serves as a source of empowerment for the younger generation, you know? I consider myself somewhat of an elder now, assisting young individuals in recognizing the importance of expressing gratitude.

Natasha Lyonne’s Practical Style and Love for Old Navy’s Versatility

Beyond trousers, Natasha Lyonne divulged her affinity for a bag-free lifestyle, favoring practicality over the microbag or mini-clutch trend.

“I’m not a fan of those mock clutches you sometimes see at award shows. You wonder, ‘Where am I supposed to put my cell phone?’ I don’t appreciate that kind of theatricality”. confessed the acclaimed actress known for her role in Scream 2.

Elaborating further, Natasha emphasized, “I value functional items that are genuinely usable and authentic. Perhaps it’s due to my upbringing in the city—New York. Effortlessly transitions from day to night, and I apply that seamless approach to my attire.”

Concluding her insights, the actress underlined. “It holds immense importance that everyone experiences comfort in what they wear, and Old Navy provides that opportunity. That’s precisely what I admire about them.

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