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Netflix Job Listing Causes Outrage Among Striking Hollywood Actors and Writers

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Netflix Job Listing Sparks Outrage Among Striking Hollywood Actors and Writers

Netflix has come under fire from Hollywood actors and writers who are currently on strike. The controversy arose when the streaming giant published a job advertisement seeking an artificial intelligence (AI) expert. The role, offering an annual salary of up to $900,000, is a part of Netflix’s Machine Learning Platform team. Additionally, responsible for creating algorithms that aid viewers in discovering new programs to watch.

Hollywood Unions’ Strike Concerns Intensify Over Netflix’s AI Job Listing

The ongoing Hollywood unions’ strike has been driven by apprehensions regarding the influence of AI on the entertainment industry. Amidst this backdrop, Netflix’s job listing for an AI expert has raised eyebrows. While the listing does not explicitly mention content selection involvement. Additionally, other job postings on Netflix’s website suggest the use of AI for evaluating funding requirements for various programs. This has resulted in heightened concerns for Sag-Aftra, the actors’ union, which fears that algorithms wield excessive power in the industry.

Fran Drescher, acting as a Sag-Aftra representative, voiced reservations regarding the impact of algorithms on determining the episode count per season. Her concern lies in the potential reduction of income and job prospects for actors. Meanwhile, the Writers’ Guild (WGA) has put forth proposals for AI usage regulations in the writing process, aiming to prevent its exploitation as source material.

Netflix Remains Silent on Job Listings Amidst Controversy Over AI Usage

In response to the ongoing controversy, Netflix has chosen not to provide any comments regarding the specific job listings. However, the streaming giant has previously stressed that while they use AI, it will not supplant the creative process, and they firmly believe that the most compelling stories emerge from individuals’ personal experiences.

Apart from the job listing dispute, Netflix has recently introduced a new app titled “My Netflix.” This application aims to enhance user experience by offering personalized recommendations, simplifying the process of selecting content that aligns with viewers’ preferences.

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