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New Pink Color Added to the iPhone 15 Series, Google to Introduce Upcoming Connected Flight Feature, and More


A recent leak hinted at a lighter crimson color for the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro, possibly replacing the current purple shade on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 15 might introduce a fresh pink color option:

The upcoming iPhone 15 series is expected to receive a new pink color option, according to credible Apple tipster ShrimpApplePro. Leaked information from Chinese social media site that the iPhone 15 will offer three new color choices:
-> green
-> light yellow
-> pink
Additionally, previous leaks indicated that the iPhone 15 Pro might debut in a lighter crimson shade . Apple has a history of introducing captivating color variations for its iPhone models, such as the vibrant yellow finish seen on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus released this year. Reports suggest that Apple may exclude popular blue, purple, and deeper yellow finishes in the upcoming iPhone lineup.

Google is set to launch its Connected Flight feature soon:

Google is developing a new feature called “Connected Flight” mode for Android devices. This feature will work on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It will automatically detect when a user is on a plane and activate Airplane mode. Once the plane lands, it will return the device to normal mode. Google has filed a patent for this feature, revealing its details.image

With Connected Flight mode, flight attendants won’t need to request passengers to activate flight mode. The feature will use various methods like acceleration, cabin sounds, ultrasonic signals, GPS, Cellular ID, Wi-Fi, and pressure drop to detect if the user is on a plane.

However, Connected Flight mode will restrict calls and texts, allowing only Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access for music streaming and instant messaging.

In other news, Google is planning to appoint Sreenivasa Reddy, a former Apple executive and current Microsoft senior engineering executive, as its India policy head. This move aims to strengthen Google’s partnerships with Indian suppliers for local manufacturing of Pixel smartphones. Talks are already underway with companies like Lava International, Dixon Technologies, and Foxconn’s Bharat FIH, as Google aims to join Apple and Samsung in manufacturing products locally in India.

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