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Potential $12M Sale Expected for 1957 Jaguar XKSS at Monterey Car Week Auction


This particular XKSS is widely regarded as the best-documented and most renowned among the original 16 sports cars.

The XKSS was an unexpected outcome resulting from Jaguar’s decision to retire from racing after the 1956 season. In response, Sir William Lyons made the decision to convert the remaining D-Type race cars into high-performance sports cars. RM Sotheby’s will present XKSS 707, one of the 16 XKSS examples ever produced, for auction at the Monterey Car Week in August..

Lou Brero Sr. initially purchased XKSS 707, which had an original cream exterior color and red leather upholstery. Unfortunately, Brero tragically passed away in a racing accident before he could take delivery of the car.. As a result, Sammy Weiss, the owner of Oxford Motors in Sacramento, California, purchased the vehicle, and subsequently, Weiss sold it to Sidney Colberg. Colberg retained ownership of the car until 1975 when he sold it to Lord Anthony Bamford.

Lord Bamford, renowned as the chairman of JCB, a prominent British heavy equipment manufacturing company, briefly held the vehicle before passing it on to Geoffrey Marsh. Marsh had the XKSS 707 restored before transferring ownership to I.G. Campbell McLaren. It was McLaren who had the car refinished in a striking metallic blue hue and registered it with the iconic JAG 1 vanity plates it proudly displays today. Remaining in the McLaren collection for several years, the car continued to participate in historical events. That’s gaining recognition through features in various British enthusiast magazines.

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In 1992, Allen Lloyd acquired the car and made the discovery that XKSS 707 no longer retained its original engine block.

Determined to restore its authenticity. Lloyd sought the assistance of Chris Keith-Lucas, a renowned expert in Jaguar competition vehicles. Who successfully located the original engine block and reunited it with the car. Lloyd cherished XKSS 707 for a span of 19 years, participating in notable events such as the historic 2004 Mille Miglia.

With 25,535 miles on the odometer, XKSS 707 stands as one of the most extensively documented models. It retains its original serial number plate, chassis number, engine, and gearbox.

In the upcoming RM Sotheby’s Monterey Auction, experts anticipate that this vehicle will achieve a price surpassing $12 million.

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