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Sri Lanka Cricket Clarifies Presentation Cheque Mistake

Cheque Mistake

Since then, SLC has apologized for the error of cheque mistake and pledged to take measures to prevent such mistakes from occurring in the future

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has addressed the presentation cheque mistake that occurred during the prize-giving ceremony for the first Test match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

SLC has clarified that the correct prize money for the winning team, Pakistan, is US$5000.

During the ceremony, Pakistan captain Babar Azam received a presentation cheque mistake that displayed two different amounts in prize money. The written amount on the cheque was US$2000, while the numerical figure showed US$5000.

Fans on social media were the first to notice the error and shared images of the cheque.

SLC has subsequently apologized for the mistake and has committed to implementing measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Statement by Sri Lanka Cricket for Cheque Mistake: 

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) wishes to inform the public that the prize money awarded to the winner of the concluded 1st test match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan amounted to US$ 5000.

However, SLC regrets the error that occurred in the ‘presentation cheque’ provided to the winning team.

ITW Consulting, the Ground Rights Holder for Sri Lanka’s inbound tours, prepares the post-match presentation awards, and it holds the rights for the period of 2023-2027..

Nonetheless, Sri Lanka Cricket, as the governing body of the game, takes full responsibility for the mistake and assures the cricket-loving public that measures will be taken in the future to prevent such errors.

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