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Tesla discounts Prices on New Inventory: Model 3 Starting at $37,940

Tesla Discount

The tax credit allows you to acquire a new Model 3 for slightly over $30,000 after tesla discounts.

Tesla has implemented additional discounts on its new inventory of Model 3 and Model Y stocks. Now, you can get a Model 3 with zero miles on the odometer for as low as $37,940. Discounts for Model 3 vary from several hundred dollars to over $5,000. On the other hand, Model Y discounts are relatively smaller (up to $2,770) and primarily applicable to Performance variants.

User can now purchase a new Model 3 for just $30,440. Additionally, granted that you qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit. After including delivery and order fees, the total purchase price amounts to $32,080.

Previously, when the “off-the-menu” Model 3 Standard Range was priced at $35,000, no Tesla vehicles were eligible for any federal tax credit. After tesla Discounts, everything changed last year with the implementation of new regulations. As a result, with the tax credit taken into consideration, there has never been a more affordable time to purchase a new Model 3 than at present.

Evidently, Tesla is making efforts to clear out a significant portion of its current Model 3 inventory before the launch of the new version later this year. A reliable source “with some relation” to Tesla seemingly leaked the extensively revamped Model 3 in April, and this leak was later verified.

After being on sale for six years, the Model 3 is undoubtedly due for a refresh. With its shared components with the Model Y, one can anticipate an imminent update for the latter as well. Tesla is expected to unveil the new Model 3 in Q3 2023, and production will commence shortly after the unveiling. Nevertheless, as is typical with Tesla, delays might be a possibility.

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