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UAE Golden Visa: Making Emirates Your Home

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Acquiring a UAE Golden Visa Grants Citizenship and Home in the Emirates. The UAE continues to attract global citizens, with affluent individuals from diverse countries aspiring to relocate for living and employment opportunities. Comprising seven emirates including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and more, the UAE offers a pathway to citizenship through the sought-after UAE golden visa, enabling individuals to make the Emirates their permanent home.

UAE’s Golden Visa: Extending Opportunities for Global Talent

The UAE’s ‘Golden Visa’ provides international talent the opportunity to reside, work, or pursue education in the country with long-term resident status, accompanied by a range of supplementary advantages. Eligible candidates for the Golden Visa encompass investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, exemplary students, recent graduates, philanthropic leaders, and frontline heroes. As of October 3, 2022, the United Arab Emirates has implemented substantial revisions to its immigration regulations, aiming to establish itself as a global immigration hub. In a population of more than 3.8 million residents, Indians constitute a significant 38%.

Unlike the practice in fellow Gulf countries. Individuals possessing a golden visa can stay in the UAE without relying on a sponsor or employment. The duration spent outside the UAE to retain the validity of the Golden Residence is now unrestricted. Previously, visa holders had to return to the UAE every six months upon traveling abroad, but this obligation has been removed.

UAE golden visa

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits: UAE’s Golden Visa Program

The UAE’s Golden Visa program provides a range of distinct advantages:

  • Initial six-month entry visa with multiple entries for residency processing
  • Renewable long-term residence visa, valid for 5 or 10 years
  • Exemption from requiring a sponsor
  • Flexibility to stay outside the UAE beyond the standard six-month limit to maintain residence visa validity
  • Ability to sponsor family members, including spouses and children of all ages
  • Capability to sponsor an unlimited count of domestic helpers
  • Permission for family members to remain in the UAE until their own permit duration ends in case the primary golden visa holder passes away.
  • Eligibility criteria for the Golden Visa differ based on residency type, whether investor, artist, entrepreneur, etc. Here, we outline the process of obtaining a UAE Golden Visa through investment.

Golden Visa for Public Investment: Investor Guidelines

For investors in public ventures, obtaining a Golden Visa is feasible with a 10-year duration and no sponsor, based on the following conditions:

  • Furnishing a letter from a UAE-accredited investment fund, affirming an AED two million deposit by the investor, or
  • Presenting a valid commercial or industrial license along with a memorandum of association stating the investor’s capital exceeds AED two million.
  • Supplying a letter from the federal tax authority indicating an annual contribution of no less than AED 250,000 to the government.
  • Possessing full ownership of the invested capital, devoid of any loans.
  • Providing evidence of medical insurance coverage for the investor and family members (if applicable).

Securing Golden Visas through Real Estate Investment

For individuals engaged in real estate investment. The option to obtain a Golden Visa for a span of 5 years arises. This visa can be renewed under the same conditions, without requiring a sponsor, subject to the following:

  • Submission of a letter from the land department in the respective emirate. Confirming ownership of one or more properties valued at a minimum of 2 million dirhams.
  • Acquisition of a property with a loan from select local banks endorsed by the competent local authority.

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